Equipment Removal/Inspections

Huckleberry Medical can help you assess the condition of Used Diagnostic Imaging Equipment, or get it Deinstalled in a quick and professional manner.

For Hospital or Clinics: If you are selling surplus systems, we will come in and do a professional inspection on your equipment, being sure to note all of the key aspects that buyers need to know so you can maximize the offers you receive. If you have a system that needs to be removed and either no one seems to want it, or someone skipped out on a sale but you need the system out NOW to make room for a new system, we will give competitive quotes for the removal and get there remarkably quickly. In some instances, we will even pay you money to take the equipment. Contact us for a Quote.

For International Dealers: Huckleberry Medical can give you objective 3rd party inspections if you bought equipment from other vendors so you can confirm that you are getting what was represented. We also can arrange for removals, packing and your export needs. Contact us about your needs.

For Domestic Dealers: Having decades of experience in the business, we know how frustrating it can be to pay for an inspection and not get the information, photos or videos that we require. We know what should be on an inspection, and make sure it gets done whether we inspect it ourselves or use a trusted colleague. We have an extensive network of partners we have developed over the years, and are happy to arrange inspections or removals for you around the USA and the rest of the world. Contact us about your needs.