For Hospitals, Clinics and Doctors

Huckleberry Medical is focused on purchasing equipment from you (skip to last paragraph if you want to buy a system.) There are two ways in which we work with you. One way is that we pay Top Money for equipment you are replacing or no longer need. We won’t have the top offer 100% of the time, but we win a lot of equipment bids over our competitors. Contact us for a Quote.

The other way we can work with you is as your agent to sell your equipment on consignment. In this scenario, we come in and do a full inspection of the systems so we know exactly what you have, and how to best market your equipment. Knowledge is power, and if you do not provide your potential buyers with as much information as possible, you can leave tens of thousands in recouped assets unrealized. Not to mention that we will get your systems in front of many more buyers than you traditionally would on your own. And if you have a Mobile System, we know to ask the most important question first: WHERE’S THE VEHICLE TITLE? Contact us for more information.

Please note that we are not focused on selling you used equipment, but are happy to give you referrals if you need anything, or are happy to review any quotes, for a nominal fee, and give an objective recommendation for the company that our experience shows will best meet your needs for quality equipment and a reputation for providing excellent repair and warranty service.