For International Buyers

The Huckleberry Medical team has decades of experience at sourcing equipment for international dealers, and getting it from the existing facility to your possession without damage. We get the removal done correctly, pack it professionally, work with the best shippers, and provide the documentation required so your systems can clear local customs. We prefer if you can travel to supervise our removal team and instruct on how you want things prepared to best suit your needs when you receive it in your country, but we have years of experience and satisfied customers when we do it all ourselves. We also will do 3rd Party inspections on equipment if you are buying from another vendor and want to make sure the equipment is in the same condition as is represented by the seller. Contact us for a Quote on systems or services you need.

Please note that our primary sales business is to other dealers. For Hospitals and Clinics, we are happy to work with you as if you are a dealer if we do not know any sellers in your area. You will save money, but you will have to do some substantial work yourselves. This includes finding a local firm for ongoing service and repair needs. HUCKLEBERRY MEDICAL DOES NOT OFFER SERVICE ON EQUIPMENT OUTSIDE THE USA. However, if we can refer you to local companies known to us who can help you, in many instances might suggest you buy the equipment from them instead of us. We do not want to make a sale that will leave you with problems you are not prepared to handle. Spending a little more money upfront can save you lots of expense and downtime later. Something for you to consider.