We Buy & Remove Used Equipment!

Our mission is quite simple: provide top-quality purchases and sales in the Used Medical Equipment market at fair pricing. We are not the least expensive company in the Used Diagnostic Imaging market, but we strive to give you the best value for your money. We also believe that the measure of a company is not in how they behave when the deals are good, but how they react when problems arise. We are masters at crisis management and getting deals back on track in the rare instances when that is needed.

The Founder & CEO of Huckleberry Medical, LLC is Erik Baum. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Erik has a reputation for caring about his customers’ needs, and handling complex MRI, CT Scanner, X-Ray, etc. equipment removals with expertise, including getting systems shipped around the world where they arrive intact. His core customers are extremely loyal because they know Erik gets the job done while protecting their interests.

COVID-19 Update: We have long been proud of being one of the first to bring life-saving diagnostic devices to parts of the world previously void of the systems, and we are most proud of Huckleberry Medical, LLC’s tremendous response to the COVID-19 pandemic. What started as simply providing much-needed Portable X-Ray systems turned into us stepping beyond our core business services to including temporarily offering Ventilators, Beds and more that were desperately needed. We provided life-saving equipment at very fair pricing and made numerous deliveries in the middle of the night so that people in peril didn’t have to wait to receive the healthcare they needed.  While we don’t plan to expand our services to consistently include these other items to our normal portfolio of products going forward, we are very proud of the assistance we were able to provide to government and corporate clients during these desperate and uncertain times.